civil Ceremonies

We are licensed for

Civil Ceremonies & Civil Partnerships

You can also hold a Religious Ceremony IF a member of the Clergy is available to conduct your wedding.

Wedding Ceremonies are conducted by Registrar’s from Fermanagh and Omagh District Council.

You should contact the Registrar on 0300 300 1777 to ensure their availability prior to booking with us.

Wedding Ceremony Guest Numbers & Pricing

The Porter Room

95 persons maximum capacity

The Porter Room can accommodate 76 persons as a maximum seated number or, we can arrange the room so that a proportion of your guests are seated and the remainder standing. Cost for Wedding Ceremony £595

The outboard deck

30 people maximum seated capacity

Nevertheless, if you have more guests than the seating capacity we can arrange for less seating area and more standing area. Cost for Wedding Ceremony £595

Knockninny Gardens/Grounds

You can choose your preferred area in our Gardens and Grounds including our Patio area by the stone built fireplace. As these locations offer large open spaces and are well placed to host the larger wedding ceremony. We will arrange seating for up to 30 persons in these areas. Cost for Wedding Ceremony £630

Floating Private Pontoon

Due to the nature of the pontoon, couples can be married here with up to 8 persons on the pontoon. Your remaining guests can, of course, view your ceremony from our lawns.Cost for Wedding Ceremony £630

Stand Alone Civil Wedding Ceremony

You are very welcome to hold your wedding ceremony only with us and can choose any one of our locations. Cost for Stand Alone Wedding Ceremony £875

“You are welcome to hold your Civil Wedding at Knockninny as a “Stand Alone” Event

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